Not A Business, A Solution

The Phoenix Group is an Independent Military Organization that exists in service to Gaia. A unique solution based squad willing to tackle the mission impossible.

Secret Societies, supposed Democratic Governments, and Immoral Corporations will lead you to believe that protecting the greater good means sacrifice. It means someone has to die. We disagree. They tell us their ways are the only ways. We disagree. Infighting, secrets, ineffective hierarchies, politics, and centuries old competition has left them slow moving and often ineffective. If you’re ready to join an elite squad qualified to take the fight to the enemy, save lives, and find a way to do the impossible, we want you.


Are You a Solider?

We make mission impossible a reality

The ATAR is short for Air, Tactical, Assault and Rescue. A combination of Air Force Pilots and Ground Soldiers we are a tight knit, cohesive unit.  Our goals are simple and transparent: save lives, find the source of the filth and exterminate it.

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Choose Gaia

She gave you the bee. Now fight for her

A corruption has spread and it’s not just the Filth. Gaia’s defense mechanism has kicked in and a gift has been given allowing us to communicate with her, to regenerate oneself, to channel anima in the fight against the thing trying to kill her. The result, Secret Societies and corrupt Corporations in their quest for nothing more than power recruit her Bee’s to their own end. You have a choice. Don’t be that person. Fight for Gaia, not for them.

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Information Acquisition

Every mission starts with Intel

The IH is short for Information HIVE. A very unique and diverse group, the IH is a key component to enabling the PGs to save lives and fight the enemy. Tech creation, information gathering via electronic or more subtle means, and administrative duties make up this division.

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